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Finding Your Perfect Recliner

Just short of a century, the reclining chair reigns as the best friend of living room furniture, delivering comfort and functional style features. Trend and technological advancements has caused the recliner to go through many stages of metamorphosis. From power features to tight space friendliness, this piece is a staple in many households. Our guide will walk you through the variety of recliners and their features, and how-to best shop to find the right recliner for your home. Your comfort is always the top priority of this process. At the end of the day you should be able to sit back and relax in your perfectly selected recliner.

Shopping Considerations

Your Room Size

  • Measure the size of recliner and the size of your space to ensure a good fit. Click “Learn More” below to see our measuring guide to pick a piece that fits well in your space!
  • Don’t forget to measure the recliner fully reclined as well. It’s important to have 1-3 feet of space from the wall to prevent damage to the drywall, paint, and the recliner. The amount of space needed varies, so ask your salesperson.

Your Body Size

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  • Sit back in the recliner to get a feel for the chair.
  • Your feet should comfortably reach the floor while in sitting position and your head should fit the headrest.
  • Check the gap between the seat and leg rest. If it is greater than 5 inches, it can be a safety hazard for your pets and children.

The Construction

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  • Things To Look For:
  • Look for heavy duty screws, quiet motors, and easy-to-use levers, handles, or buttons.
  • To learn more about sofa construction check out this buying guide below!

Your Overall Style

  • When buying a recliner, it’s important to keep into consideration the overall style of the room it will be in.
  • A question to ask yourself is, “Are you trying to mesh this into an existing style or is a casual look your only concern?”
  • If you have a hard time with style, going with classics and neutrals are can adapt to any changing style you might choose in the future.

Types of Recliners


standard recliner

Standard Three Way or Two Position Recliner

The king of casual comfort, the standard recliner is usually affordable and extremely comfortable. They also have the possibility of coming with many of the features mentioned above.


high leg recliner

High Leg Recliner

If style is a higher priority for you then the high leg recliner could be the choice for you. This style is usually more expensive, but comes with a wide variety of styles, from transitional to contemporary. Thisstyle often has a push back mechanism. That means there are no visible handles, giving the chair a clean slick look.


lift recliner

Lift Recliners

Lift chairs do a lot more than recline, they also help you stand. Lift recliners will gently raise from a sitting to standing position, which is perfect for those needing a little extra help getting up.

Recliner Features

After deciding on the type of recliner best suits you, you can now choose on what added features are a priority for you. You can find many of these features are offered on all type of recliners.

rocker recliner

Rocker or Glider Base

Great for those with trouble sleeping or nursing mothers, rocker or glider base features allow you to have a rocking motion. Shop Rocker Recliners

swivel recliner

Swivel Base

This motion feature allows you to pivot and face any direction your heart desires. Shop Swivel Recliners

massage recliner


At a touch of a button you can have your own private massage by your recliner. Perfect for those with stress and with tight muscles or joint pains. Some massage recliners even come with a heat option. Shop Massage Recliners

Big and Tall Recliner

Big and Tall

Their name says it all, these recliners are meant to withstand more weight and are bigger than the standard recliner. Shop Big and Tall Recliners

wall recliner

Wall Hugger

If you are tight on space this feature could be exactly what you need. This allows you to place your recliner much closer to the wall and is great for apartments and small spaces. Shop Wall Hugging Recliners

layflat recliner

Lay Flat

Just like it sounds, this feature allows you to recline totally flat.Perfect for sleeping! Shop Lay Flat Recliners

charging recliner

Built-In USB Charger

If you’re short on outlets or simply don’t want to leave your seat to charge your device this modern feature is phenomenal! Shop Charging Recliners

power recliner


Instead of using a lever to change positions, power features comewith buttons that allow a built-in motor to recline your chair. Shop Power Recliners

Fabric Options

There are countless fabric options to cover your recliner. You can order natural fabrics that use fibers like cotton, or synthetic, such as allergy friendly microfiber, and of course leather! The deciding factor on what the best fabric option is totally dependent on your preferences. Talking to a salesperson is a great way to start the process of identifying what fabric choice will be best for you.

Still Have Questions?

To learn more, check out our fabric and upholstery options and buying guides to help find the best option for your lifestyle.